Easy Feed Pogo Stick

This is a tool that applies fertizer (dry granule type) to precise areas. If you want to fertilize individual plants instead of spreading lots of fertilizer everywhere, this works great. The normal way is to broadcast fertilizer with a spreader device or by hand. This is wasteful and not very accurate. You really don't need to fertilze the weeds trying to grow between rows or plants. This device has a plunger that loads up the same amount of fertilizer each time (about 1 tablespoon). First you load the body of the tube which is also the handle with fertilizer. Then you push the unit down until it stops. This loads the chamber. Then you allow the spring to lift the unit back up to normal. As it does this the chamber is dumped out the front. You simply place the Pogo Stick near each plant and press it down and let it rise back up. Then move to the next plant. It feels like a pogo stick hence the name. It is made from plastics and stainless steel hardware. So it is durable. Once you determine the type of fertilizer, you can decide if you want one or two applications per plant. One is usually enough but you might want to add it on two sides. This saves money, is surpizingly fast, and reduces weed growth. The body holds about 2 liters of fertilizer. This is about right to give you many applications and not be too heavy.