"Cool Cab" John Deere One Series and some two series only

You can start out with the basic cab frame. Then you can add options as desired. The basic cab includes the sun/rain roof and grab handles to aid getting in and out of the tractor.

This the only sunroof that allows you to lower the ROPS bar

without removing the cab or sunroof

The total height is under 7 feet with the ROPS lowered

Also highway tested to 75 mph

Next you can add the tool holders. One is a larger tool box and another is a chainsaw holder. The chainsaw holder also comes with a 7 foot plus chain with hooks that hangs on the back side of the chainsaw is is always with you so you don't have to run back to the shed to get a chain. Additional options are electronic. So you will need to order the control console first. This can be order mounted under the TV monitor or by itself. Order it by itself if you don't intend on getting the TV monitor. Then you will need the wire harness to run from the control console to each electronic device you get. Then you can order each of the electronic items and connect them to the console through the wire harness. We will be making an install video for this. It requires medium skill levels to install. If you are not use to using tools you might want to hire someone to install for you. If you are not to far to travel we will install everything here in Georgia for a fee. All of the wires use toolless connectors. So they simply snap or slide together. The wires are precut and the connectors are installed. So no tools are required for this. Everything requires assembly. In order to keep shipping rates somewhat reasonable the components are seperated and packed in boxes.

The basic cab includes the metal forward posts, the rear arms that mount onto the lower part of the ROPS. They use the turn signal mounts and come with longer bolts. The forward posts use the hole on the back side of the front loader bracket. (You must have the front loader installed.) You will be required to drill one more hole on each side to hold the forward posts. These are the only holes that need to be drilled in your tractor for the entire set up. The sunroof/rain protector are included. The decorative ribs and green florescent plastic are also included. This only fits the JD one series subcompact tractors with a front loader installed. It may fit some of the two series tractors but call first so we can verify. If you have any doubts please call to discuss your intended use. 912-540-5222. Returning or misordering may reduce your refund due to shipping fees and PayPal fees.


This hole is already in the front loader.

This hole must be drilled. It is 5/16" and any metal drill bit will work. The metal is soft.

Order here for the Cool Cab basic.

$1899.99 plus $89.99 shipping

After you order the basic cab then you can go to this next page to order accessories to mount on the Cab and make your tractor much more comfortbel and handy to use. (And look good while doing so.)

Here is a video that gives you a walk around of the "Cool Cab" and many of the accessories available for it.