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TractorAftermarket is introducing unique products for sub and compact tractors. Thunder Works has been desgining and manufacturing unique products for Indian motorcycles for the last 6 years. They are available at  So using the same technologies: CAD design, CNC routers, CNC lasers, 3D resin printers, and a machine shop we are now venturing into the tractor world. We own a John Deere 1025r tractor with about 7 attachments. Most products are for the John Deere but some are for other tractors. Feel free to make suggestions for products.

Please note we only ship to US addresses. You can use use for foreign orders. Set up an account and provide us with the special US address they give. Send it to:  Be sure to use the same email you ordered with or at least the same name. If you have problem or need to speak to Marcus, call 912-540-5222

Easy Wheel

This device is easy to install and allows you to adjust your top link much easier. With many tractors you can adjust the top link without leaving your seat. Fits most brands of tractors.


Fits many tractors

Fits all tractors

Land Plane Conversion Kit

This plate converts your Frontier box blade into a land plane.

Easy Feed Pogo Stick

This tool allows you to apply fertilizer to a precise area instead of just broadcasting and wasting fertilizer.

These are introductory prices!