Land Plane Conversion Kit

This is plate made from HDPE This is a very durable plastic also used to make cutting boards for your kitchen. It is 3/4' thick and black. It comes with 4 longer bolts. You simply remove the rear metal curved plate that came with the box blade. Then install the new plastic plate. Since it is thicker you need the longer bolts. You will use the same original nuts. The new plate is made a little wider that the box to give you a little extra coverage. The principal is simple. Normally the box blade scoops up material and leaves a smoother surface but it loads up the box and you have to dump it and figure out how to spread it back out. With the new blade (plate) installed it hangs down 3" lower that the box. So it uses the weight of the box to allow you to simply spread and smooth the surface. You can still use the tines in front to dig up the surface if needed. The net result you get a land plane cheaper than buying a seperate one. It can also be used to clear snow from the driveway or road.

Currently these only fit Frontier box blades. We make them for the the 4', 5' and 6' box blades. Be sure to select the size you need when making your purchase. Product name "Land Plane Conversion Kit". Shipping and handling costs $39.99

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