Tall Mirror/Tool Box & Chainsaw Bracket

This is a 32" pole (1" steel square tube).  It comes with a mirror. This places the mirror in the optimal place to get a decent view behind. This requires drilling a hole to mount the lower part of the pole. The other hole is already in the tractor. This only fits on the John Deere series one or JD 2025 tractors. It includes a tool box that nestles next to the engine body. The tool box has a tray and is 3-4 times larger that the original tool box supplied by John Deere. It is weather worthy and will hold all those things you need to take with you. It takes about 20 minutes to install. As an option you can add at any time the chainsaw bracket. The two bolts needed are already part of the tool box mount.

part# TallMir/BoxJD-1 $259.99 plus $32.99 shipping

Add a bracket to hold your chainsaw. This is the best way to carry your chainsaw and have it ready when you need it. It simply bolts onto the existing bolts of the Mirror/Tool Box unit. It takes about one minute to install. If you secure the handle with a bungee, the saw will ride smooth and not bounce around. It does make the tractor a few inches wider. A 4 foot gate is too narrow. Also included on the back side is a chain rack that comes with a 7 foot long chain. (rated 1350 pounds). This is very handy if you want to pull a small stump or fence post. The chain is always with you when you need it.

Part # Chainsaw-JD-1 $199.99  plus $19.99 for shipping